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Founded in 2010, our passion is everything mobile.  From mobile robotics to mobile software development.  If it's mobile, we build, develop and test from our labs.
We often use existing technologies in unique applications to create new mobile technologies.  From solar powered drones to sport forecasting apps, we build mobile.  Click the projects button to find out more about our latest initiatives.
Our Team
Thomas Parrish IV  (CEO, Cert. Remote Pilot)
Valerie Parrish (VP, Finance & Logistics)

I started designing robots and UAVs (drones) in 1998. I was the founder of Openware Robotic which produced the eXploreBot series, an experimental class of autonomous robots from 2002 - 2007.


Openware Robotic's company and its interests were sold in late 2007. I started OpenRobotix Labs in 2010 with the intent of introducing the art and science of mobile robotics to eastern North Carolina.

I began working with robot projects in 2003 with Openware Robotics, Inc.  While with the team, I secured funding, equipment and materials. I also orchestrated the planning and execution of company events and shows.  

Today, I perform these responsibilities for OpenRobotix Labs.  Our mission is to bring the fun and excitement of mobile robotic competition to eastern North Carolina.

J. Rin Walsh, (Design, Cert. Remote Pilot)

Thomas Parrish V, (Product Testing, Test Pilot)

I joined the team in 2015.  I handle most of the design and fabrication elements of any project.  I bring over 12 years of design and fabrication experience.   With a degree in software application development, I am also an essential part of our mobile app development projects.

I started building robots in 2011.  My first project as an assistant was Chobham 1.0 which successfully  (finishing 4 battles with 1 victory) competed in the Clash of the Bots II held in Gastonia NC.


My second battle robot Chobham 2.0 competed in Motorama 2012 and finished the event with a 3/2 record and a best design award at the Clash of the Bots in Charlotte.  


In 2014, I start testing our designs and flying drones with my father.

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