Poli-X  Pollination Drone Project

Introduction: By 2025 many are estimating honeybee populations in the US may decline as much as 60%. This could spell trouble for many crops and food as honeybees contribute to more than a third of the country's food supply.  Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp, the President of the Bee Informed Partnership, says if this trend continues it could limit the food American's eat.

OpenRobotix Labs is developing a contingency technology emerging problem, the Poli-X pollination drone. The Poli-X will be developed to recognize food-producing flowering plant species and autonomously pollinate only these species. The drone will also be capable to remain in the field throughout the flowering season recharging and pollinating.  Initial plans are to have the Poli-X2 ready for market by late 2021.  

The Poli-X2 are proof of concept prototypes currently under development by OpenRobotix Labs.  To move forward with this Phase 1 portion of the project, we need your support to develop the autonomous piloting and self-recharging system. Developing the code and sensor hardware for the autonomous autopilot will constitute the bulk of the $180,000 in funding requested.   Most of which (90%) will be used to hire an additional developer to fast-track the project.  We would like to have a fully capable proof of concept drone ready by early 2020.  This will signal the start of Phase 2, the refined market-ready version, the PoliDrone.

Project: Poli-X2 project is currently in the early proof of concept phase. 














Where Are We Now: So far, the main requirements for the project have been identified and related costs estimated. The first phase of the project has been dedicated to hardware design and flight sustainability, Phase 2 will primarily focus on refined development and testing of the AI auto-piloting system and the auto-recharge power system. This autopilot will allow the drone to:

A. Recognize plant species for pollination
B. Control pollination fly characteristics
C. Manage auto recharge of on-board lipo battery system. 

Below outlines our the current project timeline through May 2021.