Poli-X1 - Pollination Drone

June 06, 2017

By 2025 many are estimating honeybee populations in the US may decline as much as 60%. This could spell trouble for many crops and food as honeybees contribute to more than a third of the country's food supply.  Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp, the President of the Bee Informed Partnership, says if this trend continues it could limit the food American's eat.

OpenRobotix Labs is developing a contingency for this emerging problem, the PoliDrone pollination drone. 

Sol-X - Mars Aerial Rover

August 01, 2016

By 2030 the private sector will be prepared to make millions from discoveries on Mars. OpenRobotix Labs and our partners plan to be one of the first to benefit from what Mars has to offer. This will be considered the start of the "Race to Mars" era. 

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