OSGO Rover 1.2 To Release Late June 2019

Openrobotix Labs to releases the OSGO Mobile Camera Mount. The OSGO is an entry level mobile camera mount that allows for an extremely dynamic low camera angle shots with your DJI OSMO, Smartphone, GOPro Hero and most handheld gimbals that support a standard 1/4 tripod mount. The OSGO has a 2.4 Ghz controller with capabilities that include:

  • Remote controlled up to 250 meters

  • 39 minutes battery life use time

  • 4 wheel independent suspension with AWD

  • 1/4 inch adaptable aluminum mounting plate with adjustable mounting 360 mounting ball

  • Splash resistant construction

Note: Shown here verison 1.0 with GoPro 7 Black with Hohem iSteady gimbal.


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